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The Pearl of Dubai is an Historical Love Story / Mystery.

The ancient legend of the Bird of Souls weaves a web of mystery and intrigue; love and passion; adventure, fear and loss around one amazing secret that was guarded by the Imperial family of Russia and dismissed as lies by their executioners.

Marie, the second youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas and Tsarina Alexandra, is having her seventeenth birthday.
A ball is held at the Winter Palace. It is a wonderful, exciting evening of discovery, romance and secrets.

What evolves from the night of June 14, 1916 is the beginning of an adventure for her sister Anastasia that will lead to one of the greatest cover-ups in history. A plan devised by the highly spirited fifteen year old will have the palace in turmoil and force
the family to lie. As they kept their son’s illness, haemophilia, a secret from the people of Russia and the world,
Anastasia’s plan will also be kept a secret.

As the story unfolds we are introduced to Fabergé and his colourful agent Terence Hodge, a noted female impersonator who opens a club in Paris. It is Paris of the inventive 1920's where his club "TRACY’S" thrives and becomes a centre for creative indulgence.

The exploits of the charming, handsome, Grand Duke Dimitri Pavlovich, cousin to the Tsar are revealed.
He has no choice but to help with her plan after the secrets of the Paradise Maze are discovered: an area within the
Winter Palace that is frequented by some, but kept hidden from the Imperial Family.

We witness Nicholas and Alexandra's unwavering and misguided reliance on Rasputin.

We see the love blossom between Marie and Sacha, an officer on the Standart, the Royal Yacht.
They, along with Dimitri are forced to help Anastasia with her plan.

  The story introduces Regina, the sister of Sacha, who is similar in appearance to Anastasia and who falls deeply in love
with Pashenka, a determined young officer who becomes influenced by the Bolshevik movement.

We follow the lives of Grigori, also an officer on the Royal Yacht, and Levka, a young servant boy.

We are taken into the world of Countess Basilevsky: a world for the privileged few and one of excess.

The horror of the Revolution builds to a frightening climax when the truth is revealed about the two missing bodies
in the early hours of July 17, 1918.

Dubai, (in 1916 it was a fishing village that was also noted for high quality pearls), becomes the focus of
the novel when a catastrophic sand storm throws Rashed, a simple young Bedouin, into a world he could never have imagined.
One where he determinedly fights to nurture and save the woman he loves.

Many of the names and characterizations are correct. Historical detail has been carefully researched and blended in with the story. The journeys taken by members of the Imperial Family within Russia and Europe actually occurred, and the Tsar was indeed in Mohileff during the dates mentioned in the novel. The Dowager Empress had already left Petrograd at the commencement of Anastasia’s adventure and was, surprisingly, allowed the one visit to see her son when he was being held at the
Alexander Palace. My description of the execution of the family is based on documented material.

The importance of Rasputin’s influence cannot be overstated. He was a complex and disturbing character and a major reason
for the downfall of the Tsar and collapse of the Government.