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Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra: “War; Peace; Love.” (EMI Music.)
Celebration Overture.
8 Postcards from the Orchestra. (EMI Music.)(Paris; Buenos Aires; Hong Kong; Vienna; Venice; New York; Moscow; Marakesh.)

“The Pearl of Dubai Suite.”
1. The Winter Palace: 1916-1918. (Fantasy for Orchestra.)
2. Romance for ‘Cello and Orchestra: Nicholas and Alexandra.
3. Dubai
4. Fantasy for Piano and Orchestra: Anastasia.

Piano Concerto No.1 in G minor: “A Cry For Peace.”
Piano Concerto No.2 in C minor.
Piano Concerto No.3 in D minor
Piano Concerto No.4 in Bb minor
Overture: Ouverture à la Française

Symphony in C minor
Symphony No.2 (Reading Gaol)
Symphony No.4 in D minor: Achilles
The Tears of Strazon: Symphony for Viola, Piano & Orchestra

18 Voyages:
Marakesh (EMI Music); Buenos Aries (EMI Music); Bali;
Hong Kong (EMI Music); Vienna (EMI Music); Venice (EMI Music); Paris (EMI Music); Sydney; Barcelona; New York (EMI Music); Moscow (EMI Music); Aix-en-Province; Amsterdam; Naples; Cairo; London; Istanbul; Acapulco.

Elegy (EMI Music.)
Legend (EMI Music.)
Romance in G (EMI Music.)
Romance in E (EMI Music.)
2 Reflections for Piano (EMI Music.)
3 Poems for Piano (EMI Music.)
12 Melodic Sketches
10 Piano Pictures
Winter Palace: 1916-1918 (Piano version.)
Piano Sonata in B flat minor

Ballade for Two Pianos
Six Preludes (In Memorium)
Chromatic Etude
Toccata Romantica

Romance in C# minor
Romance in C major (No.2)

Piano Quintet: The Winter Palace.
Ballade for Piano and Violin.
Ballade for Piano and 'Cello.

Songs of Love and Loss: A song cycle.
The Silence of Love: A song cycle.
Ballad of Reading Gaol.
Ballad of Reading Gaol. (Long version)

The Pearl of Dubai.
The Forest Of Copplestone Lane.
6 Children’s Novels. (The Lonely Green Giant; Erki the amazing small Elephant; Oliver’s Wobbly Scooter; Olivia, Prince Harry’s Pet Octopus; Jessica’s Magic Shoes; The Sad Butterfly.)